Debra Kolste, Sitting 44th Assembly District Representative

Sue Conley is the most able and qualified candidate to represent the 44th Wisconsin State Assembly District.

It surprises no one when a Democratic legislator endorses the Democrat seeking to replace her. My endorsement goes beyond party. I endorse candidates when convinced they possess the character, intelligence, and talent to succeed for constituents.

Sue Conley has those traits. She has worked to help others for decades in the Janesville area. She served in volunteer roles too numerous to list. She led charitable foundations, succeeded in business, worked on behalf of women, children and the poor, and established relationships with people of every political persuasion and economic station. She has demonstrated an ability to understand and direct public policy.

Holding local elected office is one qualification for higher office. Both candidates have that qualification. But special leaders do the real work of our community out of the spotlight, as volunteers. Sue Conley’s record of volunteerism and leadership show a deeply held concern for others. The desire to help people is the only truly valid reason to seek office.

Sue’s banking career was followed by service as executive director of the YWCA and then the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin. She forged relationships with community leaders to improve those organizations, and continued her volunteer service all the while.

Her candidacy provides an opportunity to elect a smart woman whose agenda is to help people. Sue’s honest commitment to us is infinitely more important than her party affiliation.